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When highest care
becomes standard

At the heart of our mission lies the secure destruction of all types of media — from confidential documents to IT equipment. We ensure the integrity and confidentiality of each process, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients. Extending our expertise, we also offer customized archiving solutions, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of your important data.

Our services in
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Discover our full range of services in our video. From secure archiving to the destruction of confidential media and optimised waste management. Explore how nr docusafe meets your needs while guaranteeing security and confidentiality.

Security bins

Ensure the total security of your documents from the moment they are collected. With nr docusafe, you benefit from security carts tailored to your needs.

Destruction of confidential media

Trust nr docusafe with the secure destruction of your confidential media. From paper to hard disks, we ensure DIN 66399-compliant disposal, guaranteeing total confidentiality.


Discover secure archiving with nr docusafe. Protect your documents from hazards and optimize space and labor management.

Waste management and disposal

Optimise your waste management with nr docusafe. Our responsible solutions ensure efficient collection and disposal.

Document scanning

Opt for secure document scanning with nr docusafe. Reduce processing times and minimize errors by integrating your documents into a digital workflow.

Nr Residential

Available soon

A secure location

The nr docusafe premises comply with the most stringent security measures to guarantee optimum protection of your data.

A few figures

  • Over 28 years of experience
  • A team of 20 employees
  • 2.4 million turnover
  • Ownership of 10+ vehicles
  • 500+ customers
  • Management of 100,000+ archive boxes per month
  • Secure destruction of 10,000+ hard drives per year
  • 2 secure storage and processing sites
  • 800+ secure bins of various volumes for the collection of confidential documents and any other data media
  • Processing and delivery in less than 24 hours for archive requests.

Over 28 years

of experience

+ 800

security bins