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Security bins

Preparation and Securing for Transport

Handling confidential data at nr docusafe starts with a crucial step: safety when preparing for transport. To best meet your needs, we offer a wide range of security bins, available in different sizes (80, 120, 240, and 415 litres). These bins are ideal for transporting paper, archives and other sensitive materials. The choice of bin type is determined after an intensive study, taking into account criteria such as the number of people using the cart and the space available in your premises.

Guaranteed safety and control

From the moment the security bins are taken over, we guarantee permanent security and control. Die Behälter können auch mit nummerierten Plomben versehen werden. They are transported by truck/van equipped with a tracking system, and the nr docusafe site is secured and monitored by camera. The bins remain sealed and are not opened until they arrive at our destruction facility. The customer receives a certificate of destruction.

Destruction standards and transport procedures

Data destruction is carried out immediately on arrival, in accordance with DIN 66399 standards. Our transport procedures are strict: our operators use the shortest routes to our site. In addition, our vehicles are equipped with geolocation systems for real-time tracking of their position.

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