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Destruction of all media

Since 1995, nr docusafe is established as a trusted partner for the secure destruction of sensitive data and documents. Our expertise extends to a wide range of media, including paper, hard disks, floppy discs, magnetic tapes, video cassettes, microfilms, bank cards, mobile phones and more.

Personalised consulting and maximum safety

At nr docusafe, every customer benefits from detailed consultancy to choose the most appropriate operating mode, in compliance with the strictest safety standards. We ensure maximum confidentiality, in line with the most demanding regulations.

Advanced technology and compliance with standards

Our destruction equipment is designed to meet the requirements of different destruction classes according to DIN 66399. Each substrate is meticulously treated to ensure that the particles are unusable after processing.

Certification and traceability

At the end of each destruction process, a certificate is provided, including the type of media. This document ensures total transparency and peace of mind for our customers.

Ecological commitment

nr docusafe is committed to a rigorous ecological approach. We have selected recovery, recycling and disposal channels that comply with the environmental directives in place in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This initiative reflects our desire to promote the recovery of processed materials, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Security and Compliance

At nr docusafe, our partners’ trust is our priority. We effectively combine security, responsibility and respect for the environment to offer a confidential data destruction service that meets your expectations.

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